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Dj Med 1

DJ Med 1 or the obstacle course of a young Moroccan disc jockey

Mehdi whose real name is Basketball fan and practicing professional level with the IRT, he had put an end to his sports career to devote himself to DJing "the love of his life." The young of the night, known and appreciated in Tangier Clubbers, do not come here by chance: Our 23 year old DJ started his career by facilitating private parties and "Surprise Party" without begrudge just to live his passion and share it with an audience more or less expert, and it is through these small events that made ​​a place in the very closed circle of DJs Tangiers. The first club to host Tangiers MED1 was Dawliz where he did a great job and then get noticed by the owner of the Lounge "Esquinita." His modesty, seriousness and professionalism are all clubs of the tear Tangier: The "World", the famous "SNOB" and what is "Regine Club» Club Tangier where he mixes now. DJ MED1 conquered Tangier with his touch "House", ready to conquer Morocco and it why not the world.